Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doyle River Falls in Winter

After a Big Snow and Heavy Rains... Powerful!

Overlook Tree
The last remnant of December's snow under an overlook tree.

The trailhead beckons...

Upper Falls
...and the upper falls are roaring!

Lower Falls
"I've never seen the lower falls so full" exclaims another hiker who has come to see the roaring waters. He and his friend, cameras at the ready, had also timed their arrival at the falls for the early afternoon light. The falls are best photographed when the sun comes into the canyon.

Lower Falls
I couldn't resist a time delayed self portrait at the lower falls.

Bubbles in Stream
Divine design! Bubbles in one of the streams feeding the lower falls nest in a pattern.

Doyle River Trail
A fern in the cleft in the rock.

Doyle River Trail
Rocks along the trail.

Doyle River Trail
A mossy stump is a world in miniature!

Doyle River Trail
View between the rocks.

Doyle River Trail
Life in the rocks.

Doyle River Trail
View down the valley.

Doyle River Trail
Rocks along the trail...

Doyle River Trail
...between the upper and lower falls.


Joy said...

Simply beautiful and divinely authored. Thanks first to God and then to you, Bob.

SWAC Girl said...

I enjoy when Bob takes photos while hiking because then I feel as if I've been on the hike, too. I linked to this post and published it at Virginia Virtucon for all the NoVa folks who love the Blue Ridge Mountains.