Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Era of Reagan... Continues!

Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts Weigh In

New Jersey's Chris Christie [click to read] is discussed by Steven Malanga in City Journal.

Massachusetts' Scott Brown [click to read] now makes the message pretty clear. Add this to the clear victory in Virginia of Bob McDonnell and the reports of the death of the era of Reagan are 'greatly exaggerated' to say the least. Brown and McDonnell both presented a clear alternative to bigger government and runaway taxation and deficits. Both stayed on message even when their opponents tried to muddy the discussion. They educated when others obfuscated. Then they repeated the message again. They took nothing for granted and used every opportunity to bring the voters into the discussion. On election day their tireless efforts were rewarded.

The people have entered the game and are talking intelligent policy. Will the academy recognize the strength of free markets and the weakness of government solutions. This Article in City Journal [click to read] points out how many of Europe's best free market thinkers have found a place in American Universities. Could it be that fuure leaders will be better schooled in the failure of Marxism and Keynes and embrace a more pro-market philosophy?

Sitting here in the 'Commonwealth of Opportunity' listening to results from the very blue state of Massachusetts, things in our future seem brighter than we hoped for!

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