Monday, February 1, 2010

"No Rockets on Company Property"

Augusta'a 'Rocket Boys' Need to Find Their
Own 'Snakeroot' for a Launch Site

Lynn Has this Story [click to read] about Augusta County's own Homer Hickams and their being denied permission to launch their model rockets. Let's hope that Augusta's 'Rocket Boys' will be as persistant as the heroes of October Sky. Model rocketry is a great activity!

If you don't know the story it is a great one. Young Homer lives in the West Virginia town of Coalwood and dreams of greater things than mining coal, which is what you do if you live in Coalwood. Homer creates a model rocket and when it flies wildly over the mine is forbidden to launch 'on company property.' Company property is everything in sight. The company owns the houses, the store, even the community church building! Homer's Dad is sure he's squelched Homer's interest in rocketry... or so it seems.

Homer won't give up and finds a suitable launch site eight miles away. His friends work with him to overcome a host of difficulties and the movie is one you really should see for yourself.

Moon and Sycamore Tree
The Moon seen through a sycamore tree.

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