Friday, February 12, 2010

THYME's 'Woman of the Year' -- A Clear Voice!

Governor Palin Speaks Straight on Foreign Policy

THYME Magazine, Vol. I Issue XVIII
THYME's 'Woman of the Year.'

Carolyn B. Glick [click to read] in Jewish World Review points out why a lot of people who are dismissing Palin need to take another look. The elitist view that excludes her from serious consideration is shutting the door on one of the best friends those who seek real peace in the Middle East really have.

"National security, that's the one place where you've got to call it like it is."

"We need a foreign policy that distinguishes America's friends from her enemies and recognizes the true nature of the threats that we face." -- Governor Sarah Palin, in her Tea Party Convention speech

"Palin's future in politics is unknowable. But what is clear enough is that today hers is the strongest single American voice opposing Obama's foreign policy and the loudest advocate for supporting Israel and denying Iran nuclear weapons." -- Carolyn B. Glick

Add that to her already stated mission to make America energy independent and you have a pretty solid hand to play in the resolving of the big issues we face in the all too immediate future.

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