Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waynesboro's Future

NBC 29 Looks at the City's Past and Future

Fairfax Hall
Fairfax Hall, originally the Brandon Hotel, once lured visitors to Basic City. Now Basic City is part of Waynesboro. Illustration by Bob Kirchman.

Waynesboro rode the industrial boom of the mid-Twentieth Century to become a very prosperous community. The city's beautiful homes and churches give evidence of this golden age. In This Two Part Series [click to read] NBC 29 looks at how the big factories helped build Waynesboro and their decline has led to new challenges for the community.

Fairfax Hall is one example of how the community is seeking to reinvent itself by revitalizing some of its great historic institutions. Bill Hausrath used historic preservation credits and incentives for creating affordable housing to restore Fairfax Hall to its original glory [with modern appliances]. The Wayne Theatre is being restored as a performance venue.

Wayesboro is located at the entrance to a major National Park and is convenient to two major interstates. There are a number of properties such as the old Virginia Metalcrafters building just waiting for creative 'reinvention.' The Valley has a willing workforce waiting to be tapped. The Governor is actively pursuing pro-market policies on the state level.

Silicon Valley firms facing higher taxation in California should be takng note.

The Reinventive City [click to read] from City Journal. What a City's most valuable resource really is may surprise you.

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