Thursday, February 2, 2012

Did 'Augusta Al' See His Shadow?

No Sign of Stirring at the Local Groundhog Hole

File photo of 'Augusta Al.'

'Augusta Al' must have slept in. Either that or he became the victim of my neighbor's pistol practice and I wasn't aware of his demise. In Summers past I would awaken in the backyard hammock to his steely rodent gaze. He was a big groundhog.

This morning I walked up the hill to see if Al had stirred yesterday. There was no way he could have seen his shadow anyway but I wanted to know. I walked up the trail to the woods and came to the place where Al's hole was... no sign of fresh stirring. Al had indeed slept in.

There were plenty of signs of early Spring perhaps, but not a sign of marmot activity.

So I'll have to go with the six weeks of Winter theory put out by others. You can only trust a climate expert like 'Al' with a reasonable dose of skepticism.

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