Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The State of the World: A Framework

New Series: Analysis from Jewish World Review

Light on the World...
Globe photo by Bob Kirchman.

This, the First in a Series [click to read] from Jewish World Review offers a clear framework for understanding the world situation today.

"Three major areas of the world are in flux: Europe, China and the Persian Gulf. Every country in the world will have to devise a strategy to deal with the new reality, just as 1989-1991 required new strategies. The most important country, the United States, had no strategy after 1991 and has no strategy today. This is the single most important reality of the world. Like the Spaniards, who, in the generation after Columbus' voyage, lacked a clear sense of the reality they had created, Americans have no clear sense of the world they find themselves in. This fact continues to define how the world works."


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