Friday, February 3, 2012

We're All in This Together

Letter from Binyamin Jolkovsky of Jewish World Review

A considerable amount of mail came in yesterday about Michelle Malkin's article, First, They Came for the Catholics [click to read]. The notes were from Catholics, but also from Christians of other denominations. Many expressed thanks for featuring the piece so prominently. The same for a recent Paul Greenberg column, Just read the words: Separation of Church and State works two ways [click to read]. But there were even more notes questioning why a Jewish site is involving itself in Christian affairs. And these notes, mind you, were from Christians.

In almost all recent instances of secularists publicly attacking -- and trying to impede on the rights of -- people of faith on these shores, the terms "Jewish" and "Christian" can be interchangeable.

These attacks may even come under, sadly, the guise of religion: The misrepresenting of sacred teachings by those who have diluted millenia-old values with foreign teachings in the name of "sensitivity".

The goal of JWR continues to be a REVIEW of the WORLD from a traditional JEWISH perspective. These attitudes are likewise at the heart of orthodox Christianity. From Day One, JWR has pushed the belief that "we are all in this together." That people of faith must unite on the issues in which we find common cause. And in reference to Michelle's column, an attack on the Church is an attack on religion. Period.

I intend to continue to publish articles of interest to the faith community --- all faiths. As long as I'm able to.

In gratitude and friendship,
Binyamin L. Jolkovsky

PS: Below you'll find an article from a Texas Rabbi to his Governor [click to read]. There's a good reason why I made it the lead story. (Sorry if this note took too long)


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