Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First, They Came for the Catholics

Matters of Conscience and Government Overreach

The entrance to St. Francis Church in Staunton.

Michelle Malkin writes today about Government Overreach [click to read] in the matter of conscience. Catholic adoption services in Massachussetts have already been shut down rather than give in to demands that they allow the government to dictate their placement policies.

"President Obama and his radical feminist enforcers have had it in for Catholic medical providers from the get-go. It's about time all people of faith fought back against this unprecedented encroachment on religious liberty. First, they came for the Catholics. Who's next?

This weekend, Catholic bishops informed parishioners of the recent White House edict forcing religious hospitals, schools, charities and other health and social service providers to provide "free" abortifacient pills, sterilizations and contraception on demand in their insurance plans — even if it violates their moral consciences and the teachings of their churches." -- Michelle Malkin.

Standing Together [click to read]. Protestants and Jews declare to the White House: "We stand with Catholics."

"Today, more than 40 non-Catholic religious organizations including Protestant-affiliated colleges, National Association of Evangelicals, Focus on the Family, Assemblies of God, Northwest Nazarene University, and Eastern Mennonite University, sent a letter to the White House demanding religious protection against the newly issued HHS contraceptive mandate."

“We write not in opposition to Catholic leaders and organizations. We write in solidarity.” Says the coalition letter. “Leaders of other faiths are also deeply troubled by and opposed to the mandate and the narrow exemption.” -- Emily Hardman

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