Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mr. Romney Takes Charge in First Debate

What a Man Who's "Inherited a Mess" Should Say

Last night many people watched the Presidential debate and got their first direct look at Mitt Romney. One of my relatives even commented that this didn't seem like the Romney she'd been seeing in the news. "He sounds different."

Indeed it was clear from the beginning that Mr. Romney took charge of the discussion. He was clear, confident and presented a concise vision for restoring America. Romney, unedited by a less than adoring media, was a man with a vision for reigning in record deficits, unleashing domestic energy production and restructuring tax code and institutions to deliver government's essential responsibilities efficiently and responsibly.

He made eye contact with the President and the people. There was confidence in his demeanor... attitude that reflected leadership. He was polite, but like a firm adult, he ruled the room. Jim Lehrer was not in charge, Mr. Romney was. Romney showed up ready to govern.

Sky over the Capitol Building.

The President, at one point, drilled his opponent for 'specifics.' What he got was a civics lesson from a man who had significant experience working with a legislature made up largely from the other party. The man who had promised to bring unity in purpose to Washington was forced to listen to the man who had actually done so in Massachussetts.

Last night, even Bill Maher thought the President needed a teleprompter. The President looked down a lot and seemed to lack his signature passion and charisma. At one point the President asked Mr. Lehrer to move on to another question.

Mitt Romney moves on from the debates having established himself as a man who can stand shoulder to shoulder with leaders like Binyamin Netanyahu. Today he will speak in Fishersville, Virginia at 6:00pm.

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