Friday, October 5, 2012

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume IV, Issue XLI

The Real 'Fact Wars' and Why They Matter

This week the 'other' weekly news magazine looks at 'Fact Wars' [click to read]. They ask: "Who is telling the truth?" THYME asks: "What is truth?" Here are some of the cold hard facts, as we see them.

America is at a crossroads. Her greatness is challenged. Many of her citizens are despondent, having lost jobs or seen paychecks diminished. Businesses are failing. Unemployment is over 8% and probably closer to something over 11% if you take into account people who have just stopped looking. I don't even show up in these statistics though, working a couple of other jobs to support my small business.

Government stands in the way of America exploiting her natural resources. We are 'outsourcing' our energy production. Build the Keystone Pipeline and some new refineries and, guess what, American workers will make good money creating our own energy. Offshore Virginia there lie exploitable resources that could bring steady royalty revenue into state coffers. The current administration has stopped exploration.

The 'Promise of America' has been replaced by promises from the President, funded by the bank of China! Every citizen now owns about $50,000 in Federal debt, and an ever growing portion is not 'money owed to us,' but rather, money owed to foreign lenders. The administration promises money for college loans, forgetting that crushing debt and increased taxes to pay for it will continue to kill jobs. They promise everyone access to contraceptives while quietly taking $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. (That's money paid in from paycheck deductions, with a promise of medical care).

In such a climate, it is reasonable to ask if paying for a Federal program is worth the debt. Public broadcasting already depends on private underwriters, and will not go away if it cannot receive public funds. Big Bird licensed merchandise could probably fund the entire program. Have you visited Toys R Us lately? The notion that something is not available if government doesn't provide it is simply false.

For years, the National Endowment for the Arts has funded a variety of projects; everything from great orchestras to crucifixes submerged in urine. What many do not realize is that their funding is noteably absent in the case of realist painters, many of whom work in the Southwest. Private patrons will not allow great art to cease, but some avant-garde artists may have to learn some economics. The question: "Is this worth saddling my Grandchildren with foreign debt?" is a necessary one.

The truth is that we have a choice this November. We can continue doing what we are doing, or choose candidates who have actually worked with budgets and institutions. Paul Ryan earned the respect of both Democrats and Republicans for his financial expertise. Bill Clinton has been caught on video admitting as much. Mitt Romney worked with a Democrat legislature to strengthen Massachussetts. Those who long for a truely bipartisan Washington would do well to change horses right now.

Candidates Visit Fishersville, Virginia with Trace Adkins

Lynn Has Photos [click to read] of the visit to the Valley by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Wayne LaPierre was there to endorse them. 10,000+ people were there to welcome them. I don't think the pollsters have talked to many of those who were in the crowd. Exit 91 on Interstate 64 was crowded to a standstill and some people only arrived in time to hear the last ten minutes of the program.


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