Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Solving Home Problems

Permanent Fix For Leaking Standpipe Boots

Screw-down boot seal from Creative Composites.

It's inevitable; the water stain on the bathroom ceiling that tells you the rubber seal around the standpipe is leaking. You can tackle the problem yourself with silicone caulk or electrical tape, you can replace the seal, or you can pay a roofer hundreds of dollars to do it for you.

Water on the ceiling is a bad thing. I have a deep seated hatred for mold in structures, and I'm no fan of falling plaster either, so when I saw this simple installation device from Creative Composites [click to read] I was intrigued. After a trip onto the roof to measure the standpipe diameters, I placed my order.

Two days later, a small package arrived with the seals nested inside. Installation of three seals took less than forty minutes (including photographing the installation and setting the ladder twice). I referred to the video on Creative Composites' website before installing (no instructions were provided in the shipping box).

Most houses will require less than $50.00 (including shipping) to equip with the devices. Be sure to measure each of your standpipes before ordering. The result is a professional looking installation that will outlast all other options.

Be sure to clean off your old caulk and electical tape where the new seal will meet the pipe and the flange. Slide the new seal over the pipe and tighten the top collar to install.

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