Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taking The True Measure of a Man

Americans are Meeting the Real Mitt Romney...

Mitt Romney meets the crowd in Ashland Virginia.

...and They Find Him a Very Likeable Person

An observer of the last Presidential debate, a man much more observant of these things than I am, said he couldn't figure out what was happening there at first. The President seemed eager for a fight, indeed, many said he seemed quite petulant at times. He gave Romney ample opportunities to dig into Benghazi and a host of other issues.

But Mitt Romney was paying no attention to the little man in the corner. He took full advantage of the opportunity to have a chat with the undecided voters who had tuned in. Mitt was unruffled and spoke directly to those who needed to know the man who was asking them to support his bid for the Presidency.

Some say he lost the debate on style, but Romney was more concerned that Ms. Undecided Voter got to meet the 'Real Romney,' the man who had showed up at all three debates. The President's campaign has spent a lot of advertising money to paint Mitt Romney as a cold-hearted corporate villian, but that was not the man who actually showed up.

Deroy Murdock writes in Jewish World Review: Romney's Ignored Mitt-zvahs [click to read], a recounting of acual stories of the man. In it you learn of a man who you would love to have for a neighbor. Romney and his family lived out their Faith in helping those around them. It was a way of living for them.

Mitt might have driven a nice car, but he didn't think twice about packing it with firewood so he and his boys could deliver it to a single Mother who's heat had been turned off. The stories Murdock recounts sound a lot like those I heard about my Grandfather, who loaned money to people and then turned the loan into a gift.

When a neighbor's house caught fire, the Romneys, led by Mitt, rushed in to rescue the family's possessions. They carried out whatever they could save before the firefighters arrived. Murdock concludes with this story:

"The Romneys were vacationing in New Hampshire in 2003 when screams shook the Independence Day air. Some 900 feet from them, New Jersey’s Morrisey family and their leaky boat were sinking into Lake Winnipesaukee.

Romney’s sons Craig and Josh sped into the lake on a Jet Ski. “We tore out of there, and my dad hopped on the other Jet Ski and came out right after us,” Josh Romney told the Boston Herald. They found three men and three women bobbing in the water in barely buckled life vests. Massachusetts’s then-governor pulled the two younger women onto his three-seat Jet Ski, while his sons assisted their mother. They then whisked these women safely to shore, along with McKenzie, their Scottish Terrier. Meanwhile, the three men treaded water under the sons’ watchful eyes until Mitt made two more trips to rush them to dry land. Previously, while spearheading the 2002 Olympics, Romney and his sons used a boat to rescue several kayakers as high winds slammed them onto rocks.

Why is the real Romney totally unlike the terrifying caricature that has haunted this campaign? Team Obama’s distortions and lies have conspired with Mitt Romney’s modesty to mask his good deeds. Instead, Romney fans should make these secrets famous."

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