Friday, August 20, 2010

THYME Magazine

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Volume II, Issue XXXIV

The 'other' Weekly News Magazine [click to read] asks the question: "Is America Islamophobic?" in reference to the flack being generated by the Ground Zero Mosque [THYME's editorial directive says we have to call it that].

Well, let's not forget who started this war [yes, THYME's editorial directive says we have to call it a war -- this is a tough place to work for the politically correct]. The pay is pretty lousy too.

The attacks on America are documented on our cover starting with the seizure of the US Embassy in 1979. We're not going back as far as the Barbary Pirates. Our Marines whipped them a long time ago. Our point is this is a long standing hostility and its story has many chapters.

Could it be that to understand this conflict, journalists need to be looking for the source of its ignition?

Be Sure to Thank These Guys...

Lynn Has the Details [click to read]. They're fighting this WAR to keep us safe.

9-11 Hard Hat Pledge

These Construction Workers [click to read] won't lift a finger to build the Ground Zero Mosque. I'm with them. I sure wouldn't do renderings for this project at its present proposed location. Does this mean Speaker Pelosi will now be investigating construction workers? ht/No Sheeples Here

Update: 'Ameriphopia'

Notes on the Word [click to read] from American Thinker.

"I've just Googled "Ameriphobia" and, indeed, some 634 uses come up. A tiny number, but the word has been used -- just not popularized. Now might be the time!" -- American Thinker

We cannot claim the word originated here at THYME, but we'd love to help promote its usage.

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