Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spiritual Impressionism

It is G-d Who is in the Details, Not the Devil

Butterfly in my yard.

A friend was going to hike with me a while back and he admitted to my wife that he was not looking forward to walking unstopping for half a day. "Oh, don't worry" she replied, "since he got the camera he really slows down and stops a lot." No doubt, there was a time when what was at the end of the trail might have intrigued me more than the wonders along the walk itself, but that time is past. Cervantes said "the road is as good as the inn." There is much to learn by becoming a better observer.

Spiritual Impressionism [click to read] by Rabbi Yonason Goldson in Jewish World Review spoke to my artist's soul. He begins by stating: "Taking notice of the brushstrokes of creation reminds us of the masterpiece we can paint in our own lives."

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