Monday, March 16, 2009

Reinvigorating Religion

G-d Will Provide Unless the Government Gets There First

Brad Wilcox in the WSJ [click to read].

"48 million people between the ages of 18 - late 30’s in the U.S. with energy, ideas, creativity, and passion. It must be the priority of the Church to empower this generation to use their gifts for the benefit of people and the purposes of God." -- Young Adult Ministries


Victoria Cobb Comments on Mr. Wilcox's Article [click to read] Exellent!

Take note of the disturbing rise in problems for children when families participate less in the community of faith.

"So, bigger government means less religious participation and less religious attendance means behavioral and educational challenges for children. As we continue on the road to the great welfare state, let’s be sure we know the end game." -- Victoria Cobb


Do We Really Want to Be Like Europe [click to read] by Suzanne Fields

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