Thursday, March 5, 2009

Save us from the 'Saviors'

(Except of Course, the REAL One)

If Obama's 'salvation' is fully funded and paid for, our grandchildren are broke! Arnold Ahlert Has This to Say About It [click to read]. He outlines steps we should take to take back our destiny. It's time for the Augusta Tea Party [click to read] to go national.

If our Nation's Religious Freedom [click to read] could find its beginnings here, why not our Financial?

We need to make our voice heard with our representatives like never before. If you don't believe me, read Lynn's Posts by Guest Blogger D. Sherman Okst [click to read]. Let them know we know about the waste in Washington. A lot of us have seen our retirement literally disappear and we're frustrated further knowing that 'government oversight' didn't save us from the meltdown's governmental causes. In fact it frustrates some of us more to think that the timing of everything is too close to the election to ignore. When Rahm Emmanuel Says He Doesn't Want this Crisis to Go to Waste [click to read], let's just say I'm suspicious.

Reconstructed Original Meeting House
Reconstructed Original Meeting house of Tinkling Springs Church.

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