Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Straight Talk on Stem Cells

What Happens When Faith and Science Agree?

It is a known fact that much scientific discovery has been made in stem cell research. The promise of cures for a host of ills drives that research -- all derived from work with Adult Stem Cells. Embryotic stem cell research has simply not produced the results seen with the adult stem cell studies.

Yesterday the President reversed a long standing policy banning federal funds for embryonic stem cell reseach. But those who cheered this move were not scientists. They are members of the pro-choice movement. Those who deride Christian beliefs as 'restrictive' have their own set of beliefs that guide them. Even when the facts suggest that embryonic stem cell research is a long shot and adult stem cell research is actively providing cures, the notion that unborn humans are due the same protection as those who have made it into the world seems to be their real stumbling block.

Here is a Piece by Kathleen Parker [click to read] that provides a lot of insight into the whole matter.


Victoria Cobb of Virginia Family Foundation Has This to Say [click to read].

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