Monday, November 9, 2009

Multiculturalism's Morass

"I Wish His Name Was 'Smith'...

Mark Steyn [click to read] in Jewish World Review is spot on!

"When it emerged early Thursday afternoon that the shooter was Nidal Malik Hasan, there appeared shortly thereafter on Twitter a flurry of posts with the striking formulation: "Please judge Maj. Malik Nadal [sic]by his actions and not by his name."

Concerned tweeters can relax: There was never really any danger of that — and not just in the sense that the New York Times' first report on Maj. Hasan never mentioned the words "Muslim" or "Islam," or that ABC's Martha Raddatz's only observation on his name was that "as for the suspect, Nadal Hasan, as one officer's wife told me, 'I wish his name was Smith.'"

Multiculturalism operates on the flawed premise that all points of view are of equal value. It is often used to gloss over a systematic attempt to devalue the pillars of Western civilization.

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