Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slouching Toward Sweden II

The Life Preservers on Swedish Ferrys -- They Sink!

I'm not making this up!!! Fishersville Mike found This Swedish News Site [click to read] where the problem was reported.

"The life rings meet all European safety standards, but the Swedish Transit Agency (Transportstyrelsen) plans to file a report on the matter in the coming days with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)." -- So much for bureaucratic oversight!

The Local, an English language Swedish news publication had another article that was even more interesting:

Sweden to Test 'Culture by Perscription' [click to read]

You've got to be kidding. No, it's the truth. Doctors in Sweden will soon be able to prescribe cultural activities such as choir lessons or ceramics classes as part of a taxpayer-funded initiative to help reduce prolonged absences from work due to illness. The premise that cultural activities enrich one's life and increase productive energy is sound enough, but here are the dumb bureaucrats turning activities that spring out of free association into a federal program.

Think about it! I hike, shoot photographs and associate in spirited discourse because I WANT to. Do I need a federal program to make me do it? No!

But read some reports from The Center for Science in the Public Interest and you'll see that maybe the powers that be would find my blogging 'detrimental' to my performance and perscribe... say... multicultural sensitivity studies with a strong emphasis in embracing islamic jihadists as warm fuzzy friends. He who persribes the perscribing will perscribe the culture that will be perscribed [bad sentence, good thought, OK?].

In America [1.] that sort of thing never would fly, in Barak's Amerika, who knows. ht/Mike



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