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THYME, Volume I, Issue XII
Volume I, Issue XII

Editor's Note: This feature has always been a parody of the other weekly news magazine and this time around their website was slow in putting up the cover. I suspected it would have to do with the terrible attack on soldiers at Ft. Hood. I was prepared to punt on the parody this time because of the terrible nature of this event. When the cover was put up, unfortunately, it reflected the general unwillingness of the mainstream media to call a terrorist a terrorist. Therefore it seemed fitting to use this format as a lead-in to a straightforward discussion of terrorism. The black border is in tribute, as TIME's September 11 issue did, to the victims in this terrible war.

Calling a terrorist a terrorist.

First of All, Let's Answer the Question:"What About the Crusades?"

Ibn Warraq [click to read] in City Journal:

"Often, when I am criticizing crimes inspired by Islamic extremism, Iam interrupted by the remark that Christianity was once culpable of similar abuses. That Christianity may have been intolerant in the past, however, does not make criticisms of Islam’s present-day intolerance any less valid. Also, Islamic intolerance is an immediate danger, whereas Christian intolerance is generally a historical phenomenon and no longer a threat to civilization. And Christendom’s crimes were recorded by Christians themselves—a stark contrast to our politically correct climate, in which many, especially Muslims, are reluctant to criticize Islam."

Now, About Jihad

Let's look back to a time when the Muslim world almost overran Europe.The Siege of Vienna in 1529 saw the Ottoman Empire, led by Suleiman the Magnificent, lay siege in an attempt to capture the city of Vienna, Austria. Although they were turned back, the Ottoman Empire tried to conquer Vienna again.

Their final attempt was in 1683 and the King of Poland reinforced the Austrians in the final battle. That battle took place on September 11,1683. The Ottoman troops were routed for the last time.

On September 11, 2001 the war with Western Civilization began anew after a 318 year hiatus.

Actually there had been a number of attacks already. The first attempt to topple the World Trade Center in 1993, the takeover of our embassy in Tehran, the USS Cole, the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beruit and a host of other attacks in other parts of the world. Still, 9/11 represented something all-out, full-throttle that we had not seen before.

The Muslim faith had been gaining ground in the US too. Those who were of the mind that they were disenfranchised, such as prisoners, embraced the ideology in large numbers. Islamic centers in the Washington medtropolitan area grew and some of the Imans clearly were presenting radical Islamic ideas to their congregations.

It's easy to digress into psychoanalyzing the killer. Many young men feel frustration with the world but most voices other than rock or hip-hop musicians and radical clerics would tell them to get over it. The story here isn't the angry male but rather a culture of violence that, like the "dark side" in the Star Wars movies, channels that hate.

The take-away is that the ideology presents a clear message and has adherents within our borders. As we have seen they can ride to positions of power in our politically correct society where they are able to inflict great harm.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be put on trial in New York City, it was reported Friday. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is regarded as the planner of the attacks on September 11. Since this is clearly an act of war, why is this terrorist being tried in our court system at all and why is his presence being inflicted on Lower Manhattan, the scene of his barbaric attack? Mr. President, help me understand? Somehow in Barack's Amerika these people are not all that threatening but G-d fearing Conservatives are?

Putting "Soldier of Allah" on your business card is multicultural expression but a cross in a Veterans' memorial is "offensive?"

I find the cold blooded destruction of 3000 lives offensive and the warped ideology that spawned such a massacre I find repugnant. I find the cold blooded gunning down of fourteen American heroes [including the unborn child of one of the slain soldiers] despicable.

Mr. President, Have you no shame? Three months and four options later you are still telegraphing weakness and indecisiveness to our enemies [our REAL enemies, that is]. I'm not "Jumping to conclusions," Mr.President, I've had plenty of time to consider the conclusions I have come to.

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