Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Torry Furnace

19th Century Iron Furnace Near Sherando Lake

Torrey Furnace
Torry Furnace.

In the early 19th Century iron furnaces such as this were in operation throughout the mountains of Western Virginia. Mount Torry was established in 1804 and operated until 1854 when it closed for seven years. In 1861 it reopened to supply pig iron to the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond. Tredegar bought the operation outright in 1863 and Union troops destroyed the furnace in 1864. Much of the Southern weaponry was cast from iron from Mount Torry and similar furnaces.

After the war Mount Torry was put back into service and continued operation until 1892.

Torrey Furnace

Torrey Furnace

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Donald said...

Where does the date 1892 come from? All other research suggests that the furnace was abandoned in 1885.