Friday, December 4, 2009

A Different Kind of 'Hate Crime'

Michelle Malkin on the War on Cops

In the wake of the Lakewood Massacre, Michelle Malkin [click to read] points out a disturbing trend in violence toward officers. That it is often the result of a premeditated effort to characterize police officers as 'terrorists' shows just how dangerous 'victim status' ideologies can become. Indeed they can result in people like Clemmons labelling law officers as 'terrorists' even as they adopt the ways of terrorists themselves.

Ms. Malkin reports that the number of law officers shot and killed this year is up 19% over last year. She also points out that Maurice Clemmons had many enablers:

"...starting in Arkansas with clemency-crazy Mike Huckabee and stretching to Washington state where he was surrounded by people who witnessed his threats against law enforcement and did nothing to stop the Lakewood PD massacre. This week, police charged four family and friends with aiding him and plan to indict two more. My column today steps back and looks at the past year of violence against police officers and the cultural war that has been waged against them for the past several decades. The Left has a popular mantra: “Stop the hate.” Why don’t they start applying it to the men and women who protect and serve?"

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