Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pink Slips for Senators Webb and Warner

They are Finally Coming to Town
Here's a Welcome They Won't Forget

Senators Webb and Warner were 'absent' this year when citizens demanded town hall meetings.

They ignored us during the healthcare debate. They voted "absent" when they allowed the monstrosity onto the Senate floor for debate but they're finally coming to Staunton. The Stonewall Jackson Conference Center in downtown Staunton will host the Democratic Party of Virginia Central Committee meeting Saturday, Dec. 5, including Gov. Tim Kaine and Sens. Mark Warner and Jim Webb.

SWAC Girl Suggests We Show Up [click to read] and hand out "pink slips." The meeting is at 10:00am this coming Saturday. The News-Leader says it is open to the public. A lot of us who Senator Warner finds "threatening"[1.] plan to be on hand to protest outside.

Here's a Suggestion to Make It Even More Fun

Why not make the morning even more memorable with a bit of creativity! We're handing out Pink Slips, right? Well, ladies, why not hit the lingere sale at J. C. Penny and pick up a Pink Slip for your Senator? Attach the garment to your sign with the text reading something like this: "What You are doing to our Republic is a scandal, here's your Pink Slip!"

Ignore THAT, MSM!

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