Thursday, February 19, 2009

Round Three

Frrancis Chester Springs into Action as Hearings Go On

The Big News is the Writs Filed by Attorney Francis Chester [click to read] as reported in the News Virginian.

My own hearing was yesterday. It was an interesting little chess game but it was clear who was allowed to say "mate." Again I asked for the assessor's worksheet. At least it was admitted this time that there was one. Still all I was offered was the data sheet. The News Virginian article says that Mr. Chester is seeking the actual paperwork.

There is a house in our neighborhood for sale at an asking price about what the assessor says it's worth. It has sat for -- I think -- two years on the market. I think it will go for at least $60,000 less than the asking price based on a December sale in a similar neighborhood. Still, it is obvious that sales that don't happen don't get to be comparables.

How did I do? I'll know in two weeks like the rest of you!

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