Wednesday, September 23, 2009

THYME Magazine

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Vol. I Issue II

Special Edition: Welcome Back Carter

Honestly, I was going to give it a rest but when I went over to my in-laws this morning the President was on the television saying something about "having the audacity to call one sliver of land the 'Holy Land.' No, I didn't stay to listen. I already know that the President is reading out of the Jimmy Carter Peace Plan Playbook [click to read]. If you haven't read Jimmy Carter's History Lesson [click to read] I urge you to read it now. Appeasement has a history of NOT working. What is different now?

Missle Madness

Dropping the Missle Shield is Madness [click to read]. Better get used to good allies not returning your calls.


When your general tells you straight-up that he needs 40,000 men to win this thing, the correct response is NOT "What, ME Worry!" Need I say more?

Mr. President, do you remember a place called Vietnam? You could be remembered for what you decide to do in Afghanistan. If history is any indication, you will.

On the Home Front

Here's a bit of wisdom from First Amendment scholar Nat Hentoff:

"An adage that took me many years to understand is that "what the government gives, it can take away." That's why an essential individual responsibility of American citizenship is to keep a close eye on your government at all times."

Here Mr Hentoff Makes that Point [click to read]. This is chilling, but so true.

So, why the headlong rush to make government the distributer of healthcare and the designer of cars?

Also, why the push to demonize those Americans who are voicing legitimate concerns?

Take a Look [click to read] at some of the Americans who are concerned and have legitimate questions.

The economic policies of FDR have already been called in question.

The Free Market did NOT Cause the Great Depression [click to read]. Lawrence Reed makes it clear that policies being pursued today are similar to the ones that prolonged the agony. Yet there is a whole push to demonize capitalism. Even a new 'Filmfomercial' from Michael Moore does just that. Yet Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz are seldom quoted and we are left to think [wrongly] that FDR pulled us through.

It is clear that the President would love to fold the great American experiment into the more Socialist EU. His 'discomfort' with victory and American Exceptionalism speaks volumes. The speed with which he wants unread legislation passed should make anyone skeptical. Now is the time to argue substance, not propriety.

Here is the 'companion' TIME Issue [click to read]. I was told that since many Conservatives don't bother to look at the 'Professional' weekly news magazine anymore, someone might miss the full impact of my 'cover commentary.' Here is Rush's Cover Idea [click to read] for TIME.

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