Friday, March 26, 2010

Clueless in the Capitals

I Apologize for My Country to Binyamin Netanyahu!

Binyamin Netanyahu is a clear voice of leadership in the world. Some of us still love him.

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

I am one of those Americans who is inspired by your clear message. You lead a nation the size of our state of New Jersey and yet there are many in our world who would cast you as an enemy of the stature of the old Soviet Union! They are ignorant.

There is only one nation in the Middle East that I would feel comfortable living in. You lead that nation. Your representative government includes all people and persuasions. Tell me the name of one neighboring state that comes close.

You have opened your arms to refugees from around the world. You have made the desert 'blossom like a rose.' I make no secret of my admiration for you and your people.

Be assured, Mr. Netanyahu, that our President and Secretary of State do not speak for me. As long as our people enjoy free elections I will be working along with many others in this great land to help correct the problem.

Hopefully we can begin with the elections this year and replace our executive branch in 2012. Then we can work together to take on real problems, like Iran's ICBM program. Their missle capacity looks a lot like the early Soviet programs. If we do nothing they will be able to hit most of Europe in short order. I take some comfort knowing that you are watching them too. I know you are committed to the survival of your nation and that, dear Mr. Netanyahu, is an interest we share.


Joy Jackson said...

I would also like to join you in signing your letter.

Unknown said...

Nice Pic