Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reconstructing Ellicott's Mill

Virginia Offered Two Fine Examples of Period Mills

Chapman's Mill
Chapman's Mill on Broad Run was similar in size...

Mcormick's Mill
...while McCormick's Mill still contained the machinery.

The model we constructed for the 'Roads to Rails' exhibition at the B&O Museum in Ellicott City...

...showed the National Pike and the railroad...

Ellicott's Mill
...and a mill very similar to Chapman's.

Valley Railroad Bridge
The Valley Railroad was once a branch of the B&O that ran all the way to Rockbridge County.

Reconstructing Ellicott's Mills

While preparing the miniature version of Ellicott's Mills for Roads to Rails [click to read], it was great to find such fine examples of the architecture we were recreating so close to home. The two Virginia mills and the remains of the Valley Railroad provided ready references for the work as it progressed.

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