Saturday, June 12, 2010

George Washington was a Surveyer at 15

Abby Sunderland Sails the World at 16

My question is for all the kids who are still trying to 'grow up' at 26!

Virginia Right Has the Story [click to read] about Sunderland's thwarted attempt to sail around the globe. Last night we watched 'Amelia' at our house and I find myself firmly on the side of "why not?" My parents were aircraft designers. I thought the 'great adventure' was an essential part of life.

We've created a nation of adolescents. Young people are delaying marriage and supposedly 'peaking' at their careers. If they are 'peaking' then why are the results not astounding. Is it any wonder that Sunderland, a "dangerous" homeschooler [1.], might have been taught to aspire to higher goals than her peers?

More About Ms. Sunderland [click to read].

Abby Sunderland's boat.

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