Friday, September 28, 2012

THYME Magazine

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Volume IV, Issue XL

All The President's Mentors

The 'other' weekly news magazine is spotlighting Mitt Romney's LDS Faith this week. What does his Mormon Faith tell us about his vision and values. Since most Conservatives already know Glenn Beck, also a member of the Latter Day Saints Church,  don't think Mitt has any surprises to offer here.

But we at THYME are prone to venture sometimes where angels fear to tread. We wondered why the MSM didn't examine the President's beliefs and the people who shaped them. Fortunately, Denesh D'Sousa, a man who shares a similar upbringing as Barack Hussein Obama, is here to help.

In the movie: 2012, Obama's America, D'Sousa traces Obama's roots in his Anticolonialist Father's Dream, his boyhood in Indonesia with Stepfather Lolo, and his growing up in a culture quite different than most Americans.

Barack Obama spent twenty years under the teaching of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, student of James Cone. Cone's 'Black Liberation Theology' is a sort of race-based Marxism in a Christian wrapper. 'Hope and Change' leans in a Socialist/Marxist direction. The mainstream media does not seem concerned.

Obama launched his campaign in the living room of Bill Ayers, who he says is 'just a guy in the neighborhood.' Ayers is no 'Mister Rogers' though, having planned to blow up a number of government buildings in his 'wilder days.' 'Hope and Change' has a bit of Olinsky radicalism to it. The mainstream media does not seem concerned.

Mr. Obama's neigborhood isn't all that shabby either, thanks to his association with Tony Rezco. The Obamas own a pretty nice house, but 'Hope and Change' seems a bit like the 'Chicago Way.' The mainstream media does not seem concerned.

Mr. Obama's Keynsian economic policies are rolling up large amounts of government debt. 'Hope and Change' looks a bit like Weimar Germany. The mainstream media does not seem concerned.

Mr. Obama's publicists want to make him out to be the hero of the common man. If a Republican played this much golf and took so many vacations he would be the subject of much scrutiny. 'Hope and Change' looks a lot like the worst kind of elitism. The mainstream media does not seem concerned.

America is at a crossroads. Four more years of Obama policy could reduce her to a mighty nation that once was. Mr. Obama loves to apologize for America. Does 'Hope and Change' understand the precious legacy our ancestors bled to give us? The mainstream media does not seem concerned.


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