Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Civilization Under Fire

Mumbai's Brutal Wake Up Call

This Piece by Melanie Phillips is a Brutally Honest Assessment of the war [yes, I said war] being waged against Western civilization right now. Guy Sorman Has this Report in City Journal. Steven Emerson Has This to Say.

Mark Steyn Offers this Analysis of the so-called 'analysis' being offered by the talking heads. Hopefully we will get the message sooner than later that appeasement doesn't work with this crowd. If 9/11 wasn't our generation's Pearl Harbor, Mumbai ought to be.

We are engaged in conflict with this enemy in the Middle East, our troops are securing the situation in Iraq. Still, the so-called 'Mainstream' Media who were so eager to report our casualties when it was going badly have No Desire to Report Our Success.

'We Have Met the Enemy and They are Us'

Pogo Possum's famous quote describes precisely the reaction of our news media and intellectuals. We can't say 'Islamic Terrorists' anymore but we are free to disparage Western civilization all we desire. Michael Medved's Ten Lies are standard fare on CNN and any college campus. Even Kathleen Parker is Buying Into this Myth. The Capitol Visitor's Center opened yesterday and the small reference it makes to the faith in our country's foundation is only thanks to a few clear voices who spoke up against such outright untruths as this: Our Nation's National Motto is 'E Pluribus Unum' according to the Center. It is actually 'In G-d We Trust,' but the curators needed to be reminded of that fact by concerned citizens before they would correct their display.

Alvin Schmidt's book Under the Influence paints a much different picture of Western Civilization. Much of what makes us able to abolish slavery and extend compassion is a direct result of faith in action in our public life. We need to remember our roots as we enter this battle.

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