Monday, December 22, 2008

Time to Bury 'Fossle Fuel?'

It's Time for a Hydrogen 'Model T'

It was a hundred years ago when Henry Ford introduced his Model T automobile. Ford did not invent the automobile but he made it universally available. His manufacturing method was what put cars on the streets of Middle America. Now it is time for a similar revolution. This Piece on Hydrogen Cars shows hydrogen technology to be in a prototype stage similar to that of the automobile before 1908.

Remember your history and old movies. Cars were a novelty [for rich people]and scared the horses. Then Ford built the assembly line and the American transportation system of today was born. Ford also created a market for his cars by paying his workers a wage that allowed them to become car buyers.

If indeed there is a viable hydrogen car that can be built for the cost of a suburban house, then all that remains is for it to be refined and mass produced. As the large automobile manufacturers come to the American people for another operating loan, its time to ask them to create a revolution.

An energy independent United States has to be a national security priority. This is true from both a defense and economic perspective. We can't wait ten years to implement this technology.

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