Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Bias in the Wire Services???

"Say IT Isn't So AP, Reuters, AFP/Getty..."

2 Terrorists
Calling a terrorist a terrorist. THYME has its own biases as well, but we try to admit to them.

"You have to work pretty darned hard to find an unflattering photo of Michele Bachmann," I remarked recently. She's generally good for 'rule 5' [1.] on a bad day. Still, the local newspaper managed to find and print one in response to the Conservative victories in the 2010 elections. The editors of our local might be interested to know [or perhaps not] that I used to use the front page layout and photography selection to teach my kids about media bias.

A few examples that come to mind: The Republicans open an office downtown and it is buried on page 4. Barack Obama's downtown office rated a front page placement, with photo. Check the archives yourself. George W. Bush never got many flattering photos either, so don't feel bad Michele. Often the headline skews the bias of an otherwise balanced article. The page editor holds the power!!!

So it comes as no surprise, really, to see This Study [click to read] about media bias in photography.

Shattered Lens - Photo Bias Exposed in the Wire Services [click to read] from Honest Reporting will probably just confirm what you've already suspected as well.

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