Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Colors Beginning to Appear




Beauty and Desecration

The Curse of Modern Obsession with Ugliness

Sadly the appointment of Kevin Jennings reminds us that there is, in the other America in particular, a celebration of the baser instincts. What is most telling is the viciousness with which some seek to eliminate the pursuit of truth and beauty, especially when truth and beauty stand in contrast to the current lewdness.

Has Truth and Beauty lost its voice? I would argue that it has not. In fact the reason it is attacked is, according to Roger Scruton, the ultimate proof that its message is hitting home.

Roger Scruton in City Journal [click to read].

"The current habit of desecrating beauty suggests that people are as aware as they ever were of the presence of sacred things. Desecration is a kind of defense against the sacred, an attempt to destroy its claims. In the presence of sacred things, our lives are judged, and to escape that judgment, we destroy the thing that seems to accuse us." -- Roger Scruton

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