Thursday, October 29, 2009

TIME is on California's Side...

...but time isn't, and neither is THYME...

THYME 01 09
Contrarian publication.

This Article in City Journal Caught My Eye [click to read] after I had created this weeks 'THYME.' William Voegeli has some interesting observations.

"...And it’s going to occur to more and more entrepreneurial pathfinders that one of the boxes they can think outside is California itself. There’s no geographic monopoly on creativity. Bright ideas that need to be delivered to customers by employees are rendered untenable when prospective workers can’t find affordable housing, stand long commutes, put up with declining public schools and services, or accept rising taxes. As Joel Kotkin of wrote last year, “California can still attract many newcomers, particularly young and ambitious people who dream of a career in Hollywood or Silicon Valley. The problem is that when you grow up and have failed to secure your own dotcom or television series, life in Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, or even Kansas starts looking better.”

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