Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Blessing for the Czar...

"May the Lord Bless... and Keep the Czar...
Far Away from Us!" -- Fiddler on the Roof

South Florida Tea Party's "Czars."

Your Czars Are a Reflection of Who You Are

No kidding. OK, I might believe ONE appointee with views that are... um... out of the mainstream, but a whole string of them tells me that they DO represent your views.

You can claim "you didn't know" one or two times, but it soon becomes clear that these Czars DID pass muster for your vision for America. Obviously Kevin Jenning's "values" are important for the next generation according to the Obama Administration.

David Limbaugh Has This Observation [click to read].

The Problems with Kevin Jennings [click to read] by Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council.

What You Can Do NOW to Take Action [click to read].

Dumbed Down Critical Thinking

Thomas Sowell Has This Observation [click to read] of how the Left is abusing the sacred trust of educating children on another level. Home Schooling, "dangerous"[1.] as it may be, is looking pretty good right now.

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