Friday, October 16, 2009

Entering the Story...

...Those Times we All Enter In and
What We Need to Learn from Them

Today in 1987, rescuers freed Jessica McClure, an 18-month-old girl who had been trapped in an abandoned well for 58 hours in Midland, Texas. We all watched, we all prayed. When she came up we all cheered. Yesterday we all prayed collectively for the little boy we thought had climbed into a balloon and felt a range of emotions as we thought he had come safely to earth only to find he wasn't in the craft. Had he fallen out? We feared the worst until he emerged from the attic, in typical 6 year old fashion, after evading what he thought was trouble.

A child in danger can draw us all into the story. My son is studying for ministry and especially feels drawn to 'at risk' kids. In this day and time most any kid can be at risk too. He sends help to a child overseas through Wes Stafford's ministry, Compassion International.

Slumdog Millionaire is one of our favorite family movies. If you haven't seen it, see it. The story is about three street kids in Mumbai, and while the ending is fanciful, the lives it depicts are a window into a very real world.

There are kids all around who need the compassion we have seen unleashed in us. Let us not waste the chance to be part of THEIR stories!

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