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Volume I, Issue VIII, Special Virginia Election Issue.
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The Moderate Democrat's Dilemma

Pity Creigh Deeds. His job is not an easy one. First he must convince Virginians that he is 'one of them.' Even though the Washington Post and Senator Mark Warner are big fans, he's got to project that "down home folksy voice" that says he remembers his Bath County Roots.

Then there's the question of how tightly to embrace that donkey on the National level? It's probably a good idea to "not support" the Cap and Trade Tax being pushed forward by Mark Warner and the National Organization.

Then there's the base. You've got to put in a dig about George Bush's "tax cuts for the rich" but move on before someone points out that those lower rates spur corporate growth. You've got to convince college girls that Bob McDonnell wants to reinstate the Middle Ages so they'll "rock the vote!" Still you have to deal with the fact that most Virginians find Bob McDonnell's moral values mirror their own.

Since you are effectively running against your national party AND the Republicans, who's on your team? Your guaranteed tax cut for "any business that hires a new employee" sounds good but how do you create a climate where the business actually needs more employees due to increased productivity?

You see Creigh, I have to justify the ENTIRE cost of the employee before I will hire him or her.

And bringing broadband to every cowpasture in Virginia will probably go to the lowest bidder -- someone from out of state.

Also, how clear should you be on tax policy? A lot of us believe that government needs to restrain itself, just as we have had to in this current economy, and those 'evil' tax cuts will eventually lead to more business activity and increased revenues. It is not a fluke that the states in the most fiscal trouble right now have the highest tax rates. But who should YOU listen to?

Finally, how much should you bash your opponent when it starts to sound like that's all you have to offer? It's starting to sound something like this:

Folksy Voice: "We already know that Bob McDonnell Beats His Dawg!, But did you Know: BOB McDONNELL BEATS HIS DAWG!!!, and by the way, he supports Bush's tax cuts for the rich, and Bob McDonnell Beats His Dawg..."

It's time to present your positve ideas.

If you bash a good man's reputation long enough, it becomes obvious that you're bashing a good man's reputation. All good men have their naysayers and it is all too easy to become known for your naysaying.

Just the Facts M'am

Recently Creigh Deeds' advertising referenced the website to discredit his opponent. But follow the trail below to find out just how fair and balanced really is.

The ANNENBERG Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvaniais the organization behind the website that is being referenced by voters and media personalities alike to help them form opinions on the “truthfulness” of the claims being made by political ads as well as statements made on the Campaign Trail.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Ph.D. is the Director of the ANNENBERG Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania which is the organization BEHIND the “truthfulness” website.

Dr. Jamieson's newest book entitled “Echo Chamber: Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Media Establishment” is a MAJOR HIT PIECE against the Conservative voices in the media on television, radio, and in print. View the book’s Table of Contents [click to read]. Then decide for yourself.

What’s the bottom line? is a LEFT-BIASED organization that has sold itself as “Politically NEUTRAL” to America’s voters and media personnel. The fact is, the ANNENBERG Public Policy Center (APPC), the sponsoring agency behind, is itself supported by the same foundation, the ANNENBERG FOUNDATION, that Bill Ayers secured the 49.2million dollars from to create the Chicago ANNENBERG Challenge“philanthropic” organization in which Barack Obama was the founding Chairman of the Board for and Ayers served as the grant writer of and co-Chair of for its two operating arms. Hardly an 'unbiased' source. Source: Free Republic

Family Foundation has This [click to read].

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