Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why it's Time to Retire...

...The Augusta County BOS

Once Again David Karaffa Makes it Clear [click to read].

Faced with budget shortfalls the county Board of Supervisors wants to go forward with a new cell phone plan that will cost you, the taxpayer, $46,158.84 per year.

Get real! My cell phone is several years old. I'll replace it when it breaks. Then I'll buy the nicest one I can afford. That $46,158.84 per year is just the contract, not all the new Blackberries the County will buy to utilize it.

" There are more concerns with the quantity being requested, for instance the Parks and Recreation department is asking for two more phones and phone plans than it has employees."

I wasn't able to make last night's BOS meeting where this was to be discussed. I had a deadline today and had to work through the night. I hope the citizens call got through!

Update: It's $60,000.00 Now [click to read]. Citizen's got a "Service Not Available" Message from the BOS last night when they came seeking representation. Problem is we need to replace the supervisors, not the phones.

I have a suggestion for the BOS if they MUST spend $60,000.oo. Keep the old phones and hire a good art teacher!

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