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Volume I, Issue VII

Dumbing Down Your Dissenters

In Amerika Rush Limbaugh has to be 'evil.' Chairman Mao is 'Good' [click to read]. Mark Steyn points out how those who wish to discredit Limbaugh have resorted to 'inventive quotations,' that is sort of like 'inventive spelling' in that you make what you THINK the man said in order to make your point that Rush is a bigoted firebrand. As Stein points out the quote attributed to Limbaugh is totally undocumented and looks like it comes fresh from the Al Sharpton Race-industry production line. In fact, if you look closer at Mr.Limbaugh's real life you find his long-time friendship and professional association with Mr. Snerdly totally debunks the 'racism' charge.What you DO find in Rush Limbaugh's resume is a long tradition of humorous analysis of the whole race issue. To parody an L.A. Times editorial on the subject he has Paul Shanklin impersonate Sharpton [complete with megaphone] mimicking an old Peter Paul and Mary song. It's hilarious. But it can also be taken out of context if one wants to 'prove' that Rush Limbaugh has no business investing in the St. Louis Rams franchise. The fact that Limbaugh is one of the NFL's strongest advocates is an 'inconvenient truth' for these people.


In 1987 ABC [yes, ABC]!, aired a miniseries called 'Amerika.' The Sovietization of the spelling is on purpose and the show depicts the aftermath of a bloodless takeover of America by the Soviet Socialists.The show was criticized by the Left and the United Nations for obvious reasons, [in the show the UN 'administers' the defeated U.S. territories]. Conservatives complained that the show did not show the true terror of the Soviet system. Actually, in retrospect, the show is more terrifying in its sublimity. It's too close to the reality unfolding before our very eyes.

All the President's Czars

So in this light we finally address the host of presidential appointees that dwell in the shadowlands of the administration. One thinks of the admonition of the Wizard of Oz: "Pay no attentoin to that man in the corner..." but in the movie, it was the little man who made Oz move. So, one must suspect, do the Czars.Glenn Beck Provides this List of Czars [click to read]. It is from Summer and is somewhat dated but the reason I reference it is Beck's own research and analysis of the Czars, which is valuable.

Apparently, we are supposed to see the appointment of such high-profile people as Francis Collins and cluck approvingly of our President's wisdom while ignoring the little man in the corner. At least that is the media's take on it. It's embarassing when Glenn Beck actually points out the philosophies and worldviews of the army of Czars who have been quietly assembled around the President.

Your Mother Was Right About This

You can tell a lot about a person by who he [or she] associates with. The facts coming out about these appointees is disturbing for that reason. They represent our President's vision for 'Amerika.'

That is why Kevin Jennings [click to read] is disturbing. He IS the man our President wants in the corner creating policy for our children.

The Left and Right Do Not Want the Same America [click to read]. Since it is the left that contols all houses of the government we would do well to understand this. But we would do well to study their strategy for implementing their vision as well. That is why the Czars need to be under the microscope. Henceforth THYME will use the term 'Amerika' to refer to the left's vision and 'America' to refer to the one that Patriots have bled for down through history.

Take note, as in the case of Jennings, when there is an attempt to discredit America's G-d fearing heritage. This is by design in the tradition of Roger Baldwin and other socialist thinkers. 'Amerika' requires the elimination of Judeo-Christian worldview constraints. Government must emerge as the source of all blessing. Wouldn't that explain the need to promote a lifestyle message to children that promoted not only immediate gratification, but a severe departure from the values taught by G-d fearing people for centuries? Baldwin, a socialist and the founder of the ACLU stated that Judeo-Christian principles were an impediment to the transformation of America into a socialist utopia.


War on Small Business

If small business creates the lion's share of jobs and innovation why do some want to burden it to death. City Journal [click to read] examines this disturbing trend. Could it have something to do with the vision for 'Amerika?'

Special Bonus Pull-Out Section:

THYME 0107
Volume I, Issue VIIA

No, She Wasn't Always Happy...

But When Momma Wasn't Happy, Things Got Taken Care of!

A while ago I was talking with one of the staff at the Frontier Culture Museum. She was researching the plight of frontier women and how many of them fought lonliness and depression... but they built a mighty nation. Prior to the 'modern' era women worked alongside men in an agricultural economy. Read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to get a picture of this as Ma and the girls resourcefully ran the farm.


This Blog began with the story of Dr. June McCarroll [click to read], the inventor of pavement markings. She is featured on our 'second' cover here. Her story is one of overcoming opposition and skepticism... and her amazing perserverance in doing so.

Then there is the story of Ruby Beck [cick to read]. She was an African-American woman who concieved the idea of owning her own restaurant. OK, there was a problem. She was living in the mid-Twentieth Century and Massive Resistance was in full force. No banks would loan her the money but she persisted until she found lenders at Burke and herbert willing to take a risk.

She built her Boxwood House Restaurant around family recipies and her sister Lizzie Harrison joined her in the business as chef. Lizzie's cooking was famous. She cared for my Aunt Molly in her later years as a live-in caregiver. When Aunt Molly threw a family dinner it was an experience! Homemade bread! Homemade Preserves! Cornbread! You get the picture. Lizzie took these fine recipes to the Boxwood House and, with her sister, made history! In 1971 Ruby Beck won the “Virginia Small Businessman of the Year Award.” Ruby was the first woman in Virginia, the 2nd woman nationally and the first minority business owner in the South to receive the prestigious award. Pretty impressive!

Lizzie was pretty impressive in her own right. She was a lady who found joy in taking us down to the little pond to catch tadpoles. She was kind and tough -- one of the best marksmen we ever knew. Once she shot a snake out of a tree and became the family's own version of Alvin York.

We never feared for the safety of Aunt Molly and Lizzie, though they lived along busy U.S. 29. Lizzie's rifle skills were such legend that no locals would have messed with her. Our standing family joke was that out of town troublemakers would have been met by the following sound: "BLAM!!!, Who WAS that?"

Here's an Article on Mrs. Beck [click to read] from the Culpeper Star Exponent.

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