Monday, October 26, 2009

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THYME 01 09
Volume I, Issue IX

The Promised Land

Forget California...

Recently we saw a media circus unfolding at the United Nations and our President presiding over a lovefest of the world's most despicable despots..

...then up stepped Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of a Nation the size of New Jersey! He spoke with a clarity and respect for the hard truths the world faces today. "Have you no shame" he stated as the world gave stage to the holacaust denying President of Iran. Holding the actual plans for the Nazi death camps in his hands as he spoke, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke for every freedom loving decent person in America in denouncing the freak show that had erupted in the UN. His Speech [click to read] is a model for those who would return American leadership to a world gone mad.

Israel today gets a lot of bad press. To read the media these day youget the impression that it is a very backward and opressive society. Nothing could be further from the truth.The Middle East's only Democratic government, Israel has Arabs in the Knesset, their representative body. In fact, the complexity of viewpoints represented in the Knesset is worth some serious study. It might be instructive for pluralistic America. The governments of Israel's neighbors, in contrast, suffer no views that are different from the prevailing ideology.

The Palestinian situation must be viewed in this light; What if there was a group of Mexican-American war refugees, all Mexicans, that Mexico wouldn't take in, insisting instead that they deserved a homeland in California. They occupied areas of Southern California and launched missles into San Diego on a regular basis.I don't think California could just carve out a Nation for them. Their situation is unfortunate, but their government may be their own worst enemy.

Strong Against the Hamas
"Strong against the Hamas."

New Jersey
Israel and New Jersey.

It's true, Israel is not much bigger than the state of New Jersey, yet it is second only to California in high tech industries. Silicon Israel [click to read] is a modern miracle. It has long been a major agricultural exporter surpassing states with much more land area.

California won't save us. Ronald Reagan doesn't live there anymore."They" say "the era of Reagan is over." No, it's "time to get along" and be "bipartisan."

So, have the threats to freedom been defeated? Is the world so much safer that we can forget the time when Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thacher stood strong against tyranny?

I seriously doubt it. Binyamin Netanyahu speaks for many of us. He understands the threats that surround his nation and speaks clearly. When Mr. Netanyahu speaks, a lot of clear thinking people are listening intently. Reagan may be gone but here is a man who's message resonates with the man who said "tear down this wall!"

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