Thursday, April 8, 2010

Census Worker True Confessions

Michelle Malkin Shines the Light on Census 2010

My form is already mailed back. In all I got three mailings from the Census: First was the mailing telling you that the form was on its way; Then I got the form itself and then a follow up mailing to make sure I mailed the thing back. Government efficiency remains safely entrenched as one of the top ten oxymorons. Now the fun really begins as the census workers fan out to find everyone who didn't send in the form.

Michelle Malkin [click to read] has been following the census story. There is certainly reason for concern that the administration may try to tilt the results to help firm up one party rule. That and amnesty are real places for abuse.

Ms. Malkin Also Has This Story [click to read] where the census worker makes confession.

The much trumpeted 'improved' employment numbers reflect the large number of temporary census workers hired.

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