Monday, April 26, 2010

A Photo Journey Along Skyline Drive

Virginia's Unique Mountain-Top Experience

Ice on the Trees
An ice storm turns the Drive on High Top Mountain into a Winter wonderland.

Skyline Drive [click to read]. More photos of the Drive.

Milepost 97
The original 'South end' of the drive was near this marker at Jarman Gap. You used to be able to cross the mountain by car on the Jarman Gap Road here. The 32 mile Swift Run Gap to Jarman Gap section was opened to the public on August 29, 1939. It was built for $1,666,528or $51,000 per mile.Skyline Drive from Jarman Gap to Rockfish Gap was originally constructed as the Northernmost segment of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was completed on August 11, 1939 at a cost of $358,636 or $40,000 per mile. It was deeded to Shenandoah National Park in 1961 and the Jarman Gap Road crossing the Blue Ridge was abandoned on the West side of the drive. Today you can drive up the Eastern portion to a gate at the edge of the park.

Mary's Rock Tunnel
Mary's Rock Tunnel on the Skyline Drive.

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