Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why the Resurrection Matters Today

All Of Us Face Death... One Man Conquered It

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Spring brings evidence of new life...

If Death is Overcome, Great Hope Awaits

Our church's Good Friday service took a different turn last night as a local high school football coach talked about being invited to speak at the funeral of a student. Here were many students come to celebrate the life of a young man who knew Christ and died in that certainty. He told a story of a father who's son and his son's best friend were thrown into dangerous seas in a boating accident. The father had but one life preserver to throw and he threw to his son's friend.

He knew his son was sure of his faith but his son's friend was not. He chose to throw the life preserver to the boy most in need. That, the coach said, is what G-d has done for us. Christ suffered the cross because we were the ones in need. This is why the Easter story matters.

Our service was a celebration of G-d's redemptive work in our lives. We shared communion and sang hymns about the work of Christ on the cross. That is the Christian's hope. Nothing I can do or bring is noble enough or untainted enough to stand in the presence of G-d. He had to throw me the life preserver. It cost Christ dearly, for he took upon himself the burden of our sins and bought for us the new life we could never afford. The work of the Divine in our human lives is something to ponder with great respect. May we never lose our sense of wonder at the work of G-d's hand!

A young woman testified at the end of our service how G-d had miraculously healed her of a serious blood disease. She had been at the point of death a year ago and the doctor had no explaination for why she lived. She has a beautiful voice and had willed herself to sing in the choir last year, had needed help to get up on the risers, but had sung to her Lord. This year she needed no help and led part of our worship. One would never know if she had not shared.

This Easter is a good time to listen to the stories of those around us who have been touched by G-d. He is the same G-d who George Müller [1.] looked to for his daily needs. This morning I corresponded with a gentleman who is a missionary in Asia. He once fought with Maoist rebels in his country and came to faith in Christ. His life was changed and now he's training church leaders to take the message of Resurrection to one of the far corners of the Earth.

Christ lives! And his story lives as well! Have a blessed Easter!

...and the Master's hand in designing it.

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