Thursday, April 1, 2010

University Announces New Field of Study

Towson University Offers New Major in Animal Science

Restoration contractors and exterminators are seeking applicants with experience in destructive species.

With the government taking over the student loan programs it is good to see an expansion of the curriculum to create even more opportunities for those who are looking for specialized education to enhance their resumes. Towson University Announces this Program [click to read] which should really offer graduates a whole new realm of employment possibilities. ht/Mike


Mike said...

Yes, they are nuts at Towson.
Happy April Fools Day.

Bob K. said...

I used to live off of Joppa Road. In our neighborhood you could feed the critters peanut butter off of a spoon. Obviously this is an ideal location for a pilot program of its type!

Occasionally they'd get in attics and [I'm NOT making this up] they'd gnaw through electrical wiring with dire consequences.