Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mr. Karaffa Goes to Verona

"The Most Important Level of Government is Local"
--Thomas Jefferson

David Karaffa puts on the first bumper sticker.

David Karaffa will be announcing his candidacy for the Augusta County Board of Supervisors on Saturday, January 8th at 10:00am at the Government Center in Verona.
The entire event will last about 20 minutes and all local media are invited to attend. Come out and hear what David has planned for Augusta County. Please let your neighbors know, all are invited.

Please note: I actively serve in the Karaffa Campaign. Unlike people in the MSM who try to hide their activism as they wear it on their sleeves, I will tell you clearly when I am investing myself in something that I believe in.

When I was much younger... it was in the late sixties... my Father and I were driving through the county seat. Dad pointed out the very large new county office building to make me aware of how rapidly the bureaucratic sector was growing. Recently a client of mine purchased a piece of property and had to go to the government center early in the morning. "You ought to get a picture of all the cars in the parking lot," he suggested. To a layman's eye, there would appear to be a lot of people going into that building who do not contribute to better education or public safety. Mr. Karaffa says:

"Local Government is where things really happen, where decisions are made by local representatives that immediately affect you and your family. I have attended the meetings at the Government Center in Verona and believe we can do a better job. That is why I am running for the Beverley Manor seat on the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.

We need a more open and transparent Board. We need representation that opens up issues to public input through town halls, local meetings, etc. We need fiscal responsibility here in Augusta and we need an accurate budget that includes all spending plans.

I am asking you to join with me as we work to bring open and honest government, fiscal responsibility, and individual pride in Augusta back to life."

An Issues Driven Campaign

"I believe the best government is one that the people are actively involved in. I understand that the position I am running for is that of representation and service. If elected, I will make myself available before each and every Board of Supervisors meeting for questions. I will work hard to address your concerns and respond to your questions in a timely manner.

Staggered Terms:
The Augusta County Board of Supervisors voted against staggering their election terms. I believe the terms should be staggered so the public can have a more frequent and influential part in the decisions of the Board. If elected, I will immediately work toward this goal.

Fiscal Responsibility:
One of the pillars of good government is fiscal responsibility. If elected, I would consistently vote to limit unnecessary spending and seek out ways to cut already wasteful spending practices. I would also push for the new budget to be available to the public before the Board of Supervisors takes a vote to approve it.

I believe that taxes collected by the government are not earned by the government; they are earned by the people and therefore should be respected in that manner. If elected, I will fight to keep local taxes low and look for ways to cut them further.

Local Property Assessment:
I believe the responsibility of the property assessment is important and the integrity of the assessment must be maintained. If elected, I will look into any case of fraud or abuse of the assessment process and will not vote to approve an assessment until I am confident it has been conducted in a fair and accurate manner.

I have a high respect for our men and women of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Department and will work hard to address the concerns and needs that they bring to the Board of Supervisors. I understand that they are currently understaffed and if elected, will work to fill those vacant positions and strengthen their ability to uphold the law through responsible ordinances.

Fire and Rescue:
The Fire Departments in Augusta are coming under increased scrutiny due to recent audits. The issues facing our Volunteer Agencies have been dragged out in the newspapers. As a result, it is clear that action must be taken, not just in one specific station or department, but rather systemic changes that will support and strengthen our Volunteer system and encourage others to also take part in the safety and welfare of our community. If elected, I will work toward better training funds, gasoline reimbursement, and will work to unfreeze positions that need to be filled with in the Fire ranks. I will also work aggressively on a real incentive package that will encourage current Volunteers to stay on board as fire fighters and to bring new ones into the fold. I have a tremendous respect for those in the community that commit their lives in the service and care of others. If elected, I will work to make sure that these quality services continue to be available to the citizens of Augusta whenever and wherever they are needed.

Education is vital for our economy, our children, our government, and our future. If elected, I will work side by side with the school board in terms of budgeting and other needs to make sure that every dollar put toward education is used to its fullest and not wasted. I will frequently be checking in with the school board representatives and will attend their meetings to hear the concerns of the parents in our community."

The Beverley Manor District.

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