Friday, May 21, 2010

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

A Prophet is Always Known Through His True Disciples


Yesterday was 'Draw Muhammad Day' and the challenge was to illustrate this bit of wisdom in a way that dealt with the simple truth that if you want to know a spiritual leader, look at his disciples.

This is a universally applicable [and painful] exercise, especially when you apply it to your own traditions. Certainly evil has been done in the name of Christianity as well. The German Socialists, while their philosophy was clearly not Biblical, where adept at using the language of believers while engaging in ethnic cleansing. Still, you had the Righteous Gentiles in the midst of this... regular people like the Dutch watchmaker who's Christian faith drove them to hide their Jewish neighbors in their homes. They risked their lives to do this and shared the same horrible fate as those they protected.

People of the Book gave us the law and compassion. They worked [and still do] to end slavery, provide for more compassionate treatment for the mentally ill and the poor. Alvin Schmidt [click to read] documents this in his book: Under the Influence.

Indeed it would be fair to say: "Study the history" to gain a real understanding of any spiritual leader one would desire to follow.

Michelle Malkin Has More [click to read].

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