Sunday, May 2, 2010

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THYME Magazine, Volume II, Issue XVIIIA
Volume II, Issue XVIIIA

Double THYME...

There is just too much going on these days! We thought it was time to remember TIME's past, specifically the October 16, 2006 Issue [click to view]. The issue features the hindquarters of an elephant and the subtitle "What a Mess." But the mess they gleefully prophesized would end the Conservative surge was NOTHING compared to the present mess. Americans by the thousands have gone to Washington to make our voices heard... and still our pleas fall on deaf ears! WHAT A MESS!

Franklin Raines, Obama, Al Gore, Goldman,
Joyce Foundation, CCX and Barack Obama

A Partnership Made in Hell to Fleece America [click to read]. Once again that 'Mad Man,' Glenn Beck is ahead of the curve with a report on 'the usual suspects.'

Franklin Raines, bundler of worthless mortgages and major force behind the destruction of the construction industry makes his appearance as the purchaser of the technology to measure and manage carbon [using Fannie Mae money -- our tax dollars]. The patent was awarded the day after Barack Obama and Democrats won the election. Coincidence?

Is it a coincidence that the CCX or Chicago Climate Exchange, is projected to gross 10 Trillion a year if Cap and Trade becomes law? Is it a coincidence that this institution is in Chicago?

Glenn Beck diagrams the 'smoke and mirrors' involved.

The Real Education Scandal [click to read]. Nat Hentoff in Jewish World Review on how the teachers' unions are fighting aa gubernatorial candidate who want's real reform.

"Even if he loses the primary, staying in the state legislature, I will keep reporting on Anthony Williams because he will surely continue to be heard from on saving students from dead-end schools. He is a founder of the Hardy Williams Academy Charter School in his state. Like another historic Pennsylvanian, Benjamin Franklin, this model citizen practices what he preaches."

Visit Beautiful Arizona

Arizona Travel Guide [click to read].

Experience the State of Freedom -- Arizona

Once again the liberals are boycotting a state when someone there does the right thing. Another great travel opportunity folks! Enjoy a drive to the Grand Canyon without those nasty Obama bumper stickers!


Unknown said...

You've outdone yourself on this one! I like the addition of the manure, in particular.

Bob K. said...

Thanks Joy.

I actually had to restrain myself. If I'd put in as much manure as I wanted even Hercules couldn't clean it up.