Friday, May 21, 2010

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume II, Issue XXI

Socialist Media Meets Social Media

The 'other' Weekly News Magazine is looking at the Perils of Facebook [click to read] this week. Once again, THYME marches on, looking at what Rush Limbaugh calls 'State Controlled Media' and the fact that many citizens are looking to alternative media.

The interactive nature of social media has placed it at the forefront of much grassroots activism. There are legitimate issues of privacy, libel and censorship but one need only look to the standards in place for print media for guidance. No overreaching federal control is needed for that. It is publishing, to be sure, and one should treat it as such.

The MSM has become TOO compliant with the people who are in power in Washington. The legitimate issue here is that the network and commentators most maligned by our POTUS are the ones who actually provide balance to the traditional media outlets. Their market success is precisely due to the fact that they meet a real need.

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