Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lessons from Virginia for the GOP

How Bob McDonnell Won the Governor's Race

Ed Gillespie [click to read] in the Washington Post.

"There are lessons in the Virginia governor's race for both parties, but Republicans nationally would do well to take a few pages from McDonnell's playbook."

Here's One That's Hard to Beat:

"-- Convert conservative principles into practical policies -- and finish the sentence. All year, McDonnell laid out a steady stream of policy initiatives rooted in a commitment to lower taxes, less regulation and innovation. Too often, however, Republicans don't "finish the sentence" and remind voters outside our base why such conservative policies are better. McDonnell's campaign attracted crucial independent voters by focusing on the benefits of his policies: better elementary schools, more college degrees, less time stuck in traffic, more affordable gas and electricity, and most important, jobs, jobs, jobs."

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